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Experience and expertise.
Been there. Done that.

I love museums. Not just the environments and experiences they create, but the teams that make things happen. That’s why I’ve worked in and led museums over decades. And why I love helping museum leaders achieve their goals.

I’ve seen a lot, done a lot. What works, what doesn’t work. The organizational cultures, mindsets, visions, and strategies that lead to success. The minefields, missteps, flawed thinking, and disruptions that undermine even the best plans and intentions.


I’ve led organizational change efforts, strategic planning, and growth in five museums. With a lifelong desire to make a difference, I’ve had the good fortune to serve as CEO, grant maker, author, consultant, teacher, board member, and volunteer. Over the course of my career, I’ve held leadership roles in museums, associations, and federal government, as well as in teaching and school administration, K-12 and undergraduate and graduate levels.


Currently, I serve as a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Learning Innovation, board member of, and board member of the Tourism Development Authority in Durham NC. I am a certified executive coach and principal at ORGWIZE LLC.




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