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Search The community-builder for fulfilling careers, founded by Walter Staveloz during the dark days of COVID-19, sought to be a community for museum people who had lost their jobs. It served its purpose. Today, the organization has evolved into one serving people who work at any level within museums, as well as those who once worked in museums and those who wish to work in museums. The purpose now is about building a community of museum professionals – past, present, and future – who are seeking career fulfillment in all stages of life.


Their foundational belief is that “informed, skilled, and connected people propel and sustain institutions, and skills developed through museum work lend themselves to a lifetime of achievement and contribution.”


Its expert team of volunteers delivers a steady stream of insightful live and recorded webinars, featuring thought leaders from diverse fields. Recorded webinars are available on the website and time well spent. publishes a newsletter that you can receive simply by signing up.  I encourage you to check it out.


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