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The CEO's success is the board's success

One of the primary responsibilities of the nonprofit board is to hire and fire the CEO. But after the hiring, a wise board understands that the success of the organization has everything to do with the success of the CEO.


The board member serves the organization best by asking “what can I do to help the CEO succeed?” It’s a question that shouldn’t be asked once and forgotten but asked of oneself often while serving on the board and posed to the CEO directly from time to time.


 The board as a whole should adopt this question as the most important for guiding its work. The CEO, knowing that she or he is supported by the board, can be confident to ask board members for their help in making the organization successful. The board mindset matters as much as the CEO’s.


Board members and CEOs alike could benefit from an “outward mindset” as described in the book, Outward Mindset, by The Arbinger Foundation.


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