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A trusted partner in achieving your goals.


What do I bring to your challenges? I have expertise honed by decades of experience in organizations. My work is focused on your needs and your goals. Who are my clients? I consult with museums and nonprofits, government agencies, and associations. I coach leaders and leadership teams. Need an interim solution? Let's talk.


Do you need an advisor, a critical thinker, a trusted partner to work alongside you and your team on strategy and implementation? Do you have a problem to solve and stay solved?  An opportunity you want to explore? Assess and identify problems or opportunities? My approach is collaborative.  I work with you and your team so that solutions lead to implementation.


Does your team need coaching? Or do you? Coaching can help leaders in developing goals and strategies, assist with getting the most from their teams, or solving problems.



Individual coaching is for leaders who want to perform at their peak and lead with confidence. I offer flexible sessions of 30, 60, or 90 minutes so that they fit into your day.  


Team coaching focuses on team dynamics and performance so that goals are achieved as a team.



Group coaching brings together individuals from across the organization to help them reach personal or professional goals.


Undertaking a new project? A new strategic plan, exhibit, or program?  New construction? I can work with you and your team from the early days of conceiving and planning to launch.

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