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Lynn D. Dierking, Principal Researcher, Institute for Learning Innovation

Those of us at the Institute for Learning Innovation are so fortunate to have Barry as a Senior Fellow. I always learn from his wisdom and passion for the world of free-choice learning (FCL)! His vision, is tempered by the practicalities of having been a director of many-sized institutions and organizations. He has a set of increasingly rare talents, that cross over many disciplines and activities and is a joy with whom to work!

David Chesebrough, Principal at Chesebrough Solutions

Barry Van Deman is one of the most accomplished professionals in our field. Barry is a strategic thinker and well versed and creative in regarding management, business, visioning and strategic change methods. He is thoughtful and articulate and goes above and beyond in his contributions and effort to whatever cause with which he is associated. In particular, Barry is a broad thinker and excellent strategist.

John Falk, Director, Instituite for Learning Innovation

Barry is one of the most thoughtful and insightful science education leaders I know. He always brings great experience and ideas to the table, but equally important he brings wisdom. I can't think of anyone I would rather have as an organizational leader; he's always been my role model!

Marian King, CEO, Greensboro Children’s Museum

You are an amazing leader. The short time I have worked with you on the board, I have valued your commitment to our collective mission, your equitable treatment of all museums – large and small – your good nature and of course your smarts and leadership!

Charlie Trautmann, Director Emeritus, Sciencenter, Ithaca, NY

You've had an amazing run to date (NSF, NCMLS, OSC and possibly earlier ones I don't know about).  And you've made an incredible impact on the field - bigger than anyone I can think of, except for possibly Frank himself [Frank Oppenheimer, founder of the Exploratorium]. 

Stephen Saucier, President & CEO, Sullenberger Aviation Museum

I’ve had the fortune of working with Barry over many years as he has been a successful transformational leader in multiple situations. He led a strategic reinvention and viable funding action plan that resulted in over $20MM of sustained state general operating support for science centers throughout North Carolina.

David D. Beischer, Fox Familly Foundation, Inc

You have done an incredible job with the Museum.  While some could envision where the Museum might go in future years when I was on the board, no one could have imagined its success on all fronts- exhibits, personnel and financially. I hope you feel very proud of all you have done. 

Wendell M. Davis, Managing Principal, Sixty-Revolutions

There’s no one word to capture the leadership traits of Barry Van Deman. Barry is an Innovative, forward thinking thought leader who possesses the unique ability to turn a great idea into reality. As a Board member and peer CEO, I watched Barry orchestrate a complete transformation of a small county museum into a world class facility. Barry is a leader extraordinaire and I’m honored to have worked with him.

Scott McGeary, board member, Museum of Life and Science

The Museum has accomplished so much under your stewardship and has become such an amazing and integral part of the Durham community.  The positivity, creativity, and commitment of the staff owe so much to your leadership.  I always have, and always will, think of you as the embodiment of our Mission Statement.
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